Electronic Flow Meter

Electronic flow meters work in a number of ways. The main types of electronic flow meters are magnetic flow meters, vortex flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters. Each type has their own use, advantages and disadvantages.

The magnetic flow meters require that the fluid being measured is conductive. The fluid is passed through a flow tube that is non-magnetic and has an insulated lining and a pair of electrodes that are inserted at each end. Air or gas bubbles should be removed upstream and some fluids can cause a build up of substance on the lining that can damage the device or affect its accuracy. You can find everything about flow meters on LKI AS, online portal for all kinds of level switches, flow meters and other measurement tools.

Vortex flow meters have been used since the early 70s and are considered an alternative to differential pressure flow meters because they have less of an effect on the flow. These are economical and used widely across many industries and can even measure steam. Vortex meters are not suitable for applications with an intermittent flow or where the fluid can cause a build up on the lining of the flow meter.

Ultrasonic flow meters measure either the transit time or frequency shift of ultrasonic waves in a specially designed acoustic field. There are both inline and clamp on styles for use in different applications. The clamp on style are more portable, have no effect of the flow rate or pressure and can be used on existing pipes. These have a higher set up cost but are lower in cost to maintain, last longer than mechanical types and wider range of applications.

Mass flow meters measure flow rate of a gas or liquid in units of mass such as pounds per minutes. Most commonly used types of mass flow meters are thermal flow meters and coriolis flow meters. Both of these types of flow meter are very accurate, have a broad range of uses but are more costly to set up.

Welding Facts

Welding is a fabrication process that joins different metals by the application of pressure or heat. Normally, different metal work pieces are melt, then some sort of filler material is added in to it that cools and become a strong joint.

Welding is different from Soldering and Brazing. Welding can be done in different environments under different industrial processes. Welding can be done in open air, under water and in space.

Welding, metal fabrication, steel fabrication,  plays an important role in different industrial processes and applications. It is quite old technique and has been used from the Bronze and Iron age. Advancement in science and technology also revolutionized the welding technology and have increased its application in different industries.

Today almost all industrial sectors are using different welding processes in different industrial processes. Different welding types are Forge Welding, Electric Arc Welding, Resistance Welding, Oxyfuel Welding, Electron Beam Welding and Laser Beam Welding.

Welding is quite dangerous as well. Many welding procedures involve open eye electric flame which can cause burn. Hairline cracks can be invisible to the eye and fail under stress. So welding safety is a must. Today, due to extensive use of welding in industry, different welding equipment are available in the markets.

The art of joining different metals is quite old. Welding is a useful technique in all industrial processes. Regardless of its usefulness, it is dangerous as well. So precautions must betaken to avoid burns, electric shock, poisonous fumes, and overexposure to ultraviolet light.

Environments of Close Protection

Firstly, let’s identify the two main different facets of Close Protection – that of VIP and Executive Protection, commonly jointly known as Executive Protection, and Hostile Environment Protection.

Executive Protection

This, in comparison with Hostile Environment Protection, is a low risk area of work. It mainly involves protecting high level business people and celebrities whilst at work and on travel. Your task is to blend. You will be expected to provide security covertly and, for those working in the UK, you will not be armed. There are guards that are operating as bodyguards or close protection guards and there are close protection drivers. People tend to think that a bodyguard is also a security chauffeur, but the reality is that for transportation needs a principle should contract a professional close protection London chauffeur and not a bodyguard.

It should go without saying that good manners are a must. You will undoubtedly come into contact with your principle’s peers and will therefore represent them when interacting. You will be expected to allow and facilitate the principle to carry on as normal and go unnoticed.

Hostile Environment Protection

This, by comparison, is considered high risk. This is where you operate in a hostile environment. Currently, this would include, but not be limited to, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. Most Close Protection Officers (or Operatives) have Military backgrounds with a minimum of 5 to 10 years service. This is based on the ability to handle firearms and perform and react under Quick Reaction Drills without the need for extensive training. This is not something that a short course can give you – many military personnel have been extensively trained and have operated in these environments before.

The major difference is firearms. It should therefore be noted that you may be able to operate as a “non military” operative in the USA. You may find, however, that those selecting staff within UK based organisations are most likely to be ex-military themselves and will naturally find themselves selecting other ex-military individuals out of confidence and understanding of skill sets and performance.

Grilles vs Shutters

Security grilles and shutters offer a viable option to property owners in Perth looking to increase security. There are some key issues however that will need to be taken into consideration when deciding which is the best option to go with.

Firstly, grilles are generally cheaper, so if you are on a tight budget then they may be a more appealing option. Grilles cannot be automated generally, and are essentially permanent fixtures. That may make them less appealing for shop owners, or commercial environments for example, that require the flexibility to lower and raise their security fittings. On the plus side, grilles can look more visually appealing than shutters which tend to have a rather clinical look to them. Some great patterns and designs are available on the market.

It is advisable to consult with a professional Perth shutters company, such as Roller Smart company, before buying or installing any shutters. Always be sure to check out all the options, and if in doubt speak to one of their expert advisers.

Roller Shutter Maintenance

Due to the advanced engineering that goes into manufacturing roller shutters, and the highly technical automation systems that sit behind them, it is essential that you have your security roller doors or shutters serviced on a regular basis. This will ensure that there are no issues in the long term with faulty roller mechanisms or with the integrity of the actual doors or shutters themselves.

Not only does regular servicing ensure that you aren’t faced with a huge bill for replacement shutters, or wholesale repairs, it is also important in ensuring your doors function properly and perform the security tasks that they are intended for. This could also be important from an insurance policy perspective.

Many dealers and suppliers are able to offer regular servicing agreements, and it’s well worth seeing what they have to offer when you purchase your shutters initially.

Patentability Search of the Invention Before Filing

A pre-filing search is optional and the Patent Office does not require any search to be conducted. The Patent Office will conduct its own search during review of your patent application. However, before filing it is highly recommended that you undertake a professional patent search to determine if your invention is novel, and non-obvious and to determine the scope of prior United States Patents, and published United States Patent Applications, which are the prior art. There are professional patent agencies, such as InventHelp, that could help you with that.

If your invention is shown in a prior U.S. patent, patent application, foreign patent, foreign patent application, or another publication such as a trade journal, the Examiner may cite the prior art against your patent application and prevent you from obtaining a patent. Moreover a rejection can cause the applicant to narrow the applicant’s claims.

It is important to determine the proper claim scope and whether this claim scope has value to your business objectives. Given that the proceeding between the applicant and the Office is an ex parte proceeding, the applicant has a duty to submit any and all prior art patents and publications that the applicant is aware of in the form of an Information Disclosure Statement.

If the patentability search is clear and the desired claim scope has commercial value, a United States patent application will be prepared for filing. Based on the search results, a claim strategy will be formed and claims prepared based on the prior art search results.

The claims must be prepared around the prior art to prevent a rejection of the claims, but sufficiently broad enough so many alternatives of your invention will be covered by the claims. That is why it is recommended to have patent agency, such as Invent Help, do this for you. Once a patent application is filed, “patent pending” may be affixed to your goods in connection with the marketing of the invention.

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How To Make Money From Your Invention

There is one simple way to make money from the patent system. Come up with an idea. Patent it. And sell it to someone for a profit. Indeed, the reason patent rights are so valuable is because they give the owner a legal monopoly over their market. But, there is one thing that many inventors seem to fail to recognize.

All Ideas Are NOT Created Equal

Every inventor thinks that if they get a patent, their invention will bring them millions of dollars. This is simply not true. Not every idea is worth millions of dollars. In fact, thousands of ideas are patented each year that do not make a dime. A patent is one thing. A valuable patent that will make you money is an entirely different thing. That is why you should seek professional help from agencies like InventHelp. Learn how can inventors benefit by turning to InventHelp?

The Trick Is Knowing The Difference

While you can never know with absolute certainty whether your idea will make you money, you at least need to have what I call a “back-of-the-napkin” ballpark figure of how much your idea could be worth.

The patent process is not cheap, and it can take several years before you actually obtain a patent on your invention. For this reason, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into as early as possible. Always consult with professionals like Invent Help patent agency.

There are basically questions that you need to ask. The first question is this:

Is Your Idea Patentable?

This question is most easily answered, and most cheaply answered, by performing a patent search.

There are two main ways to search for patents relating to your invention. You can either go online and do a text search of the online patent databases. Or you can hire a search service located at the patent office in Washington, D.C, where printed copies of all of the patents are stored, and sorted by the type of invention.

In my opinion, a search at the patent office will produce much better results. The online databases tend to only have the most recent patents, whereas the Patent Office has every patent ever to issue. And you can imagine how difficult it is to choose the right online search terms to use. For example, an invention for a car may have similar patents under the words “vehicle” or “automobile” or “transportation means” and so on.

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Commercial Roofing Services

The Florida roofing contractors have flourishing business all over the United States and they are well known for the top service that they provide including the best quality materials, easy installation that is also quick, low prices, low maintenance, proper and timely guidance all through the entire process of the roofing procedure whether it is some small repair or the entire replacement of the roof. With a simple search on internet typing something like “commercial roofing contractor near me“, you will get a lot of commercial roofing companies to choose from. Just make sure you do a research on those companies.

The contractor also offers services like repairing of the roof top, total or complete replacement of the roof if necessary, covering patches of the roof tops of both the residential, as well as the commercial building structures. Usually the materials that are used for roofing are of the best quality and also guarantee you a stress free life style after the roofing is complete. They also keep in mind that the materials used are all eco- friendly.

Florida being on the seaside faces extreme weather conditions like storms, rains etc. Thus the roof of all the buildings seem too worn out quickly especially during the rainy season. Thus the issues with the roofing remain on a regular basis each year. It is not possible to replace the entire roof each time since it involves a lot of money, time, and of course effort on your part.

Usually a good quality roofing would mean it should be strong, durable, good insulator, good looking and have low cost of maintenance. It should also influence the inside temperature of the room and make the residents comfortable.

There are many Florida roofing contractors available in the country. They do not only provide great quality services but also follow an entire environmental friendly process. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their services. They also sometimes offer discount offers in different seasons.

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A few simple steps to apply for a patent

Do you have an original idea for a design and want it to get patented? Then you should at first understand the meaning of patent and also the types of designs which can be patented.. In other words, you have the sole right to manufacture as well as sell this product in the market.

Well, today, there are patent agencies like InventHelp who are professionals in doing pre patent research work in order to find out whether the invention that someone has made is very similar to an already existing patent or not. To know more about how to get a patent, learn more about InventHelp.

At first, you should begin with an idea for a product, invention or design which is original in nature and not similar to some other products, inventions or designs.

Second, if required, make a drawing of your invention.

Third, you should take the help of patent companies in order to do a patent search.

Next, you should hire a patent attorney in order to represent you before the patent office.

Like for example, people in the U.S. hire professional patent agents in order to represent them in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). Hiring a patent agent is important because laws pertaining to patent are quite complex.

Now, just browse through the website of the PTO in order to understand the various types of patents so that you can easily classify your invention by making use of the categories required by the PTO.

Finally, apply for your patent by filling up the patent application form and paying the application fee.

These are some of the basic steps for applying for a patent. Just keep them in mind when you apply for a patent. You can find out much more from this awesome article on https://azbigmedia.com/business/why-new-inventors-turn-to-inventhelp-for-support/ too.

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Most Popular Color of Neon Signs

When advertising a business, it should be attractive at the same time informative to make customers really interested. Colorful sign can be an attraction too since this will make the sign more lively than the way it is made. It could be more inviting to customers.

One way to uniquely promote your business is using the neon sign. This sign is brightly glowing making your establishment elegantly beaming. This sign is using different colors of light.

The colorful light emitted with neon sign are produced by the gases filled in the tube like the neon gas and the argon and a drop of mercury. The glass-tube is coated inside with phosphorescent powder that reacts when applied by an electric current and produces different colors of light. Basically, there are 150 colors of lights for neon signs available, you can choose from green neon sign to purple one. However, the most popular choice is the red color which the neon gas produced. The other colors are generated by other gases such as the argon and mercury.

Red is the most popular color of neon signs since it creates a bold color especially when place over a dark background making the sign more visible to the eyes. No wonder neon signs are widely use worldwide.

Invite prospect customers using the Neon Open Signs boldly written in red light letters. Add extra effects such as flashing for a more elegant and effective way of promotion. Using this sign can make your business outshined from your neighboring establishment as it will make your establishment glowing even from afar enables to attract more customers from distant street.

You can also use other colors to create a more dramatic effect on your sign. Bright colors are lively so when you applied it to your business, it would also bring liveliness to your business and customers.

Reasons To File A Trademark Patent

It is natural to have dreams of great success when you are about to start a business. You wish customers to identify, differentiate and continue buying your product or services for long many numbers of years. Yet, many of us find it difficult to get started. One of the most important steps to take is to choose a mark to identify your product or services.

A mark is a simple name or a design which immediately helps a person to identify the product associated with it. There are many such marks that come to mind – Coca Cola, Nike, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Adidas, and many more, which reminds you of the product or services associated with it. Legally speaking, this mark also associates certain quality of their merchandise. So why is the mark important to your business? For the simple reason, that you want ‘exclusivity’.

This means that you do not wish someone else to use this mark and do business, similar or dissimilar to yours. So you need to trademark your name, which safeguards the distinctiveness and guarantees the exclusivity of your product or services. This is the only way by which customers will know, identify and associate the name with your products. And that is the key to getting them back to buy from you.

Words like patent, trademark, copyright must be crossing your mind right now. This is because most of us are not aware of the subtle differences between filing for a patent and filing for a trademark. Same goes with copyright too. If we understand the differences then we are in a better position to take the next step. You can also get professional help for your invention.

When do you file for a patent? When you wish to protect an invention or an improvement to an existing invention, you apply for a patent. While there are different types of patents, a patent usually protects your invention for 14 to 20 years, depending on the type of patent.

A trademark on the other hand is in reality a brand name. It is part of a product or its packaging, which helps a customer to differentiate between similar products in the market. It can either be a word or a symbol. Copyright is a kind of right given to a creator for any piece of creativity to rule out others from copying, reproducing or publishing his or her works. It is applicable to music, painting, cinema, software, among others. Thus, depending on your needs, a copyright may protect your works or a trademark can offer protection to your brands.

Before you proceed to file for a trademark, it is wise to follow the guidelines mentioned in official documents like Trademark Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services, Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure and Design Code for the logos and images as you can see from various helpful videos for inventors on Youtube. Following these guidelines can ensure the uniqueness of your trademark, right from the designing and planning stage.

One of the most important things to remember when filing for a trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is that they are looking whether you are entering into any area of copyright infringement and are looking for ways to reject your application. The usual areas of name, word or phrase, logo, symbol, design and images used in your trademark must be completely distinctive and unique from the point of view that it should not even remotely resemble any of the existing and patented trademarks. There are many free methods available to you for doing search on the existing trademarks.

For instance, the Patent and Trademark Depository Library (PTDL) has records of all patent and trademarks used in the United States. You can even check the depository manually for ensuring that you are not copying any one else’s trademark in any way. The USPTO website offers enough information on trademarks which you can access anytime, before filing for trademark. The Trademark Application and Registrations Retrieval (TARR) is accessible, if you wish to check the status of your trademark application.