Most Popular Color of Neon Signs

When advertising a business, it should be attractive at the same time informative to make customers really interested. Colorful sign can be an attraction too since this will make the sign more lively than the way it is made. It could be more inviting to customers.

One way to uniquely promote your business is using the neon sign. This sign is brightly glowing making your establishment elegantly beaming. This sign is using different colors of light.

The colorful light emitted with neon sign are produced by the gases filled in the tube like the neon gas and the argon and a drop of mercury. The glass-tube is coated inside with phosphorescent powder that reacts when applied by an electric current and produces different colors of light. Basically, there are 150 colors of lights for neon signs available, you can choose from green neon sign to purple one. However, the most popular choice is the red color which the neon gas produced. The other colors are generated by other gases such as the argon and mercury.

Red is the most popular color of neon signs since it creates a bold color especially when place over a dark background making the sign more visible to the eyes. No wonder neon signs are widely use worldwide.

Invite prospect customers using the Neon Open Signs boldly written in red light letters. Add extra effects such as flashing for a more elegant and effective way of promotion. Using this sign can make your business outshined from your neighboring establishment as it will make your establishment glowing even from afar enables to attract more customers from distant street.

You can also use other colors to create a more dramatic effect on your sign. Bright colors are lively so when you applied it to your business, it would also bring liveliness to your business and customers.

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