When You Should Seek Expert Invention Help


Understanding what the next step is in your inventing process and how to find professionals to assist you in realizing your dream. Every invention begins with an idea. However, ideas cannot be patented. It can be confusing to figure out when it is best to seek expert invention help on your path to becoming a successful inventor as shown in – How to file a patent with InventHelp article.

Idea vs. Conception

The patent laws in the United States differentiate between an idea, which cannot be patented, and a conception, which can. A conception is considered an idea plus some knowledge on how one might bring that idea into the real world. Many inventors get stuck at this stage; they have an idea, but they don’t have the professional or engineering knowledge on how that idea might actually work off-paper. At this point, the invention is legally closer to a “conception” than an “idea;” it is therefore worth protecting.

How to Protect Your Invention

If it is worth protecting, then how should it be protected? The best way to protect your invention is, as we have already mentioned, a patent. There are three steps to the patenting process: a patent search, the preparation of the patent application, and the prosecution. It is no easy process to go through the steps on one’s own. The USPTO “strongly recommends” that all patent-seekers receive help from a patent attorney or patent agent.

Patent Services InventHelp can get you started with a wide range of services that every inventor needs to protect and profit from their invention: research, design, licensing, and more.

The legal and technical issues of becoming a successful inventor are best navigated with help from professionals. When you reach out to InventHelp, they can help you assess exactly where you are on the road from idea to profitable invention.