Literacy Skills Tests

Literacy tests can be administered either online or on paper and are used to determine a candidate’s English comprehension. The ability to listen to customers and engage with them both verbally and in writing is an important aspect of getting and retaining business. An inability to communicate with customers effectively can mean lost business. Companies today are investing more money in testing their candidates for their communication skills.

An English comprehension test can be delivered in the following three forms:

Written Skills Test

This test may pose a question to the candidate for which they must submit a written answer exceeding a certain number of words. This type of question serves two purposes. One, it determines the individual’s ability to write in English with a significant degree of skill, but it can also determine the candidate’s depth of knowledge in regards to the response they give to the posed question. For example the question asked might be: “Tell me about your largest sales deal and how you went about closing it.” The candidate’s resulting answer will demonstrate their ability to write as well as their knowledge of sales.

Reading Comprehension Skills Test

This test provides written passages to the candidate which they must read and then answer a series of questions. This bilingual test for employment determines the candidate’s ability to read English and understand it.

Listening Comprehension Skills Test

A listening comprehension test taken online presents spoken passages about which the candidate must answer questions. This tests not only the candidate’s ability to understand the spoken English but also their ability to recall and analyze spoken information.

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