Why Grooming Is So Important

Dog groomers do so much more than make your dog look good. Yes, they bathe your dog, clip his nails, clean his ears, and give him a nice haircut. They spritz a little cologne on him and send him home looking and smelling like a new dog. But, they do even more than that!

They are also on the alert for any health problems the owner may not be aware of. In fact, they’re more apt to see changes in your dog since they don’t see him daily like you do.

They have discovered lumps (benign and malignant) on many of the dogs they cared for. As we all know, catching a lump early can make a big difference in the outcome.

Pet groomers Altamonte Springs can also tell if a dog is experiencing any type of pain or discomfort when being handled, so the owner can have the problem checked. Arthritis can be detected during a grooming session by the way the dog reacts to being touched and moved in certain ways.

Often the owners are unaware that their pets had worms until a groomer told them. Groomers also make owners aware of ear infections skin problems, and dental problems, and then refer them to their veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Groomers trim dewclaws (thumb nails) that are overgrown and have become embedded in the dog’s paw, therefore relieving him of pain. They frequently find (and remove) debris matted in the paw pads which can make walking painful.

Of course they discover fleas and ticks on many doggie clients, which they promptly treat. In many cases, the owner wasn’t even aware that their pet had parasites.

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