Why You Should Have Satin Sheets

The silky and luxurious feel of satin sheets is like nothing else. Satin sheets have long been a favorite bedding choice among bed owners. Satin sheets are available in a rainbow of designer colors suitable for any bedroom decor. A glossy and smooth fabric, satin is most commonly made from silk, a product of the hard working little silkworm. Satin sheets are elegant and provide you a lush feeling of comfort that is unrivaled by other types of bedding fabrics.

Once available only to the wealthy and powerful, people have enjoyed the unique feel of satin sheets for thousands of years. Thanks to the increasing popularity of silk waterbed sheets, soft and silky satin sheets are now an affordable luxury, priced for nearly every budget. You can choose just the right color for any size bed. A quality set of satin sheets will include a bottom sheet, top sheet and two pillow cases, or one pillow case for a single size sheet set. The size of the pillow cases will vary based on whether you have a twin, full, queen, king size or specialty size bed.

By almost any measure, cotton is the most popular fabric to make bedding, including waterbed sheets and antibacterial sheets. Cotton is plentiful and relatively inexpensive. In spite of the popularity of cotton, weavers have for years tried to duplicate the silkiness of satin using cotton and cotton blended fabrics.

Weavers discovered that by combining cotton with other fabrics and employing special finishing treatments, the feel of satin could be approximately but never duplicated. Despite these attempts to duplicate the luxurious feel of satin sheets fall far short. Since there is simply no substitute for the feel of real satin sheets, the result has been an increased demand for the genuine article and the deeply luxurious feel of satin sheets.

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