Who Owns Boston Dynamics Stock and Who Are Their Biggest Competitors?

Boston Dynamics has made a name for itself in the world of robotics with its breathtaking, forward-thinking creations like the human-like robot Atlas and other notable robotic innovations. But who owns this trailblazing company and who are their major competitors in this evolving field?

Who Owns Boston Dynamics?

Boston Dynamics was initially a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It has seen a variety of ownership throughout its history, but most recently, the company was acquired by Hyundai Motor Group.

The South Korean conglomerate Hyundai finalized its acquisition process of Boston Dynamics from the Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank in June 2021 after agreeing on a whopping $1.1 billion deal. Now, Hyundai Motor Group owns an 80% stake and SoftBank retains a 20% stake in Boston Dynamics.

This acquisition aligns with Hyundai’s vision towards being a pioneer in the future mobility market, where robotics are anticipated to play a significant role.

Boston Dynamics’ Biggest Competitors

While Boston Dynamics is a leading player in the robotics arena, the accelerating advancements in technology have also paved the way for numerous competitors. Some of the main competitors include Clearpath Robotics, Sarcos Robotics, and ABB Ltd.

Clearpath Robotics

Based in Canada, Clearpath Robotics is often referred to as one of Boston Dynamics’ most formidable competitors. They are widely known for offering a variety of autonomous robots in research, military, and industrial sectors. The company is most recognized for their versatile Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), which appeal to a host of industries for their efficiency and reliability.

Sarcos Robotics

Sarcos Robotics, based out of the United States, specializes in making industrial and military robots. Their main focus is on creating robots that can prevent injury and enhance productivity. Notable products include the Guardian XO, a full-body, powered exoskeleton designed to boost human strength and endurance.

ABB Ltd.

Switzerland-based ABB Ltd is one of the oldest and most well-known competitors. They provide a variety of industrial robots for use in sectors like automotive, electronics, food and beverage, and many more. ABB has a global footprint, with their robotics services extending to over 53 countries.


Under the ownership of Hyundai Motor Group, Boston Dynamics continues to blaze trails in the field of robotics and automation. The acquisition by Hyundai presents an exciting new chapter for Boston Dynamics, promising more intriguing and advanced developments in the sector.

While they maintain a leading position in the industry, competitors like Clearpath Robotics, Sarcos Robotics, and ABB Ltd continue to push boundaries in their own rights, vying for dominance in the rapidly evolving world of robotics. As competition heats up, it will only accelerate innovation and technological advancement in robotics, promising an exciting future for the industry and all those who rely on it.

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