How To Patent A New Invention Idea With InventHelp?

If you’re a newcomer to the world of inventing, the patenting process may seem daunting. However, thanks to companies like InventHelp, getting your innovative ideas patented and introduced to the market has never been more accessible. This article will answer your question “how do I patent my invention idea“, guide you through the steps of patenting your new invention with InventHelp and discuss the importance of getting a patent.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a legally enforceable right granted by the government that gives you exclusive rights to manufacture, sell, or use your invention for a particular number of years, usually twenty. This prevents others from taking advantage of your hard-earned innovation without your permission.

Partnering with InventHelp

Invent Help is a leading invention service company that helps inventors pursue their innovative ideas and offers assistance with bringing them to fruition, including navigating the patent process.

Steps to Get A Patent with InventHelp

Securing a patent with the assistance of InventHelp comprises several steps, which can simplify the process for you:

  • Initial Consultation: Reach out to InventHelp and explain your invention idea to their professionals. They will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure your idea remains protected.
  • Determine the Patentability: InventHelp’s experts will help you determine if your invention meets the patentability criteria – new, useful, and non-obvious.
  • Conduct a Patent Search: InventHelp will assist you in conducting a comprehensive patent search to confirm that your invention hasn’t already been patented or disclosed publicly.
  • Prepare a Patent Application: With InventHelp’s patent services, you can prepare a detailed application, including complete specifications about your invention.
  • File the Application: InventHelp will guide you in filing your patent application with the appropriate Patent Office.
  • Examination and Approval: Once submitted, a patent examiner will review your application. If the invention meets the patentability criteria, the patent will be granted.

Do You Need A Patent?

While patents may seem very beneficial, they aren’t always essential. It depends on your invention and your overall business strategy.

Protection: A patent provides protection against unauthorized use of your invention. If your invention has high market potential, a patent is highly recommended.

Commercial Profitability: If your invention is likely to generate significant revenue, a patent could be beneficial, as it would prevent others from capitalizing on your efforts.

Attracting Investment: Patents can demonstrate the high value or potential of your business, helping to attract investors or partners.

Cost Considerations: Patenting can be expensive, involving application fees, ongoing maintenance fees, and potentially attorney fees. Before pursuing a patent, consider if the expected financial return from your invention will outweigh these costs.

In Conclusion

Partnering with a reputable and professional company like InventHelp can make the patenting process smoother and more efficient. By carefully considering and consulting with experts, obtaining a patent for your innovative ideas can be a key factor in your success.

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