When Is the Best Time to Rollover IRA into Gold?

The simple answer is now.

Although the price of gold does fluctuate, it’s never as big of a fluctuation as the stock market. A stock could drop 50% or more in one hour after an announcement investors don’t agree with. Precious metals don’t have that problem.

Why Invest In Gold?

Gold is, and always will be highly valuable. There is no reason to worry about whether or not you made a good decision to rollover IRA into gold. If you want to invest in gold, and you want to rollover IRA into gold, then do it.

What If I Want to Rollover IRA into Gold, But My Account is Brand New?

You can immediately start a brand new account with a rollover IRA into gold plan, but it may not be cost effective. The best advice is to wait until your retirement account has a few years of maturity in it before you make the decision to do IRA rollover to gold. This way it’s more cost effective.

The older your account is, the less you’ll have to pay in fees. This isn’t to say you’ll get a discount on fees for an old IRA account, but if you decide to rollover your IRA into gold, you’ll pay yearly management, storage and insurance fees. These fees can cost hundreds of dollars a year. That’s why it’s not cost effective to use a new account to rollover an IRA into gold. An aged account will actually be cheaper, because there is more accumulated wealth present.

What Are My Account Options for Rolling over my IRA into Gold?

There are two types of IRA accounts for gold rollover: a conventional plan and a self-directed plan.

Your conventional plan isn’t actually a gold rollover plan. That’s just your regular retirement fund. This type of account does not allow you to rollover your IRA into gold. It’s too tedious to do. There are a lot of regulations involving gold rollover and the companies who run conventional plans aren’t set up to handle them.

If you go with a self-directed IRA plan, you’ll have an easier time performing a gold rollover. You can basically handle your gold IRA into rollover plan however you see fit, because you’re in charge. You’ll still need to have a trustee and someone handling your account, but you decide what you want to do with your money. If there are any restrictions, the trustees will let you know.

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