Stainless Steel Door Hinges

Door hinges have come a long way from the time of their invention. Even though they have been subjected to a lot changes, the main purpose has still remained the same, which is to hold a door to its frame and allow it to open and close.

Stainless steel is an alloy made out of Iron and Chromium. The unique feature of this alloy is that it is corrosion free. It is however not stain free as the name suggests. Stainless steel is being used to manufacture things such as cutlery, furniture, machines, cooking vessels, vehicles, aircrafts and many more.

Stainless steel door hinges can be bought at any hardware store across America. A 3.5 x 3.5 inch hinge done in stainless steel with 2 mm thickness can be bought at around $12. But this price can increase or decrease depending on the size as well as the finish. Some stores sell stainless steel door hinges in sets.

Buying a whole set of them is economical than buying them individually. Stainless steel door hinges come with removable as well as non removable pins. The hinge with the non removable pin costs more than the hinge with the removable pin. These can be bought according to the person’s specification.

Steel hinges tend to get corroded with time. If your house is close to the beach you might have had experience with your doors suddenly giving away due to corroded hinges. This problem can be solved by replacing normal steel hinges with stainless steel door hinges. Stainless steel door hinges can also come in handy if your doors get banged around quite a lot. Compared to plastic hinges, stainless steel door hinges are quite strong and durable.

It is important to replace door hinges as they wear out. If you have normal steel or plastic hinges, and they are due for a replacing, it is best to replace them with stainless steel door hinges. Replacing such hinges with stainless steel door hinges is quite simple. The first thing to do is to purchase the right stainless steel door hinges from the store. Make sure that the hinges are of the same size and shape.

If you are replacing the hinges with stainless steel ones, the next step would be to remove the existing hinges off the door. First remove the screws on the inner side of the door. Make sure that someone else is supporting the door from the other side in order to prevent the door from falling off. Then remove the screws attaching the hinge to the door.

When the old hinges are separated from the door, place the new stainless steel door hinges on the same places as the old hinges were and screw them in place. A new set of hinge screws is recommended and the quality of the hinge screw you are going to use is also important. You can now attach the door to the doorframe by screwing the other side of the stainless door steel hinges to the door frame.

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