Replacing a HVAC air filter

One of the simple repair jobs you will have to do as a home owner is replacing your air filter in your HVAC unit. If you don’t know how to do this keep reading and we will go through the steps.

The reasons you need to replace your filter

The most important reason to replace your HVAC air filter is the air quality. Once it gets full of dust and debris it doesn’t keep the air as clean as it should be. If you have allergies this will really effect you.

After a while your air filter gets clogged up with dog hair, pollen, chemicals from products like hair spray or air freshener, and dust build up. The air filters job is to catch all of this debris to keep your air clean, but once the air filter is full the air quality can be worse then it is outside.

Replace your filter every three months

The average home should replace there filter every three months in order to keep the air you breathe clean. This three month rule applies to people without pets, but if you have pets it might be a good idea to change it more often. Depending on how many pets and how bad they shed you will need to replace the filter every couple months.

When buying a new filter it’s important to get the right size filter to fit your HVAC system. If you aren’t sure which filter to buy it’s easiest to just take the old filter with you to the store and have someone help you out. If the store clerk doesn’t know which type of filter you should get you can always call a local HVAC Service Maryville TN technician or do a google search for your HVAC unit in your home.

Installing the filter

Once you have the new filter it goes back in just as easy as the old filter came out. Make sure your new filter fits nice and snug, if it doesn’t you may have purchased the wrong size filter. After the new filter has been installed you can turn your HVAC system back on and continue normal use.

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