Do You Need An Apostille For Criminal Records Check

An apostille is a document that certifies the authenticity of a document issued by a foreign entity. It’s typically used for legal purposes, and it’s commonly used in international business transactions.

The process of getting an apostille involves working with both the issuing country’s government and the receiving country’s government. The issuing government seals the document with its official seal, which is then authenticated by the receiving country’s government. The result is an internationally-recognized document that can be used anywhere in the world to prove that something was legally signed or executed by an official representative of that country.

Criminal Records Check with Apostille

Apostilles are legal documents that are issued by the Secretary of State’s office and attach to a document to verify its authenticity. The Secretary of State’s office will not issue an apostille if they do not find the document to be genuine or official. This means that if your criminal record check is not apostilled, it will not be accepted by the U.S. Embassy or other foreign government agencies in order for you to get a visa or work permit.

Fortunately, there are quite a few criminal background check apostille services you can hire to get your criminal background check apostilled, and get it done fast and without hassle.

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